Yard Waste

GarbageMan, A Green Company offers yard waste collection and disposal to residential customers. This service provides property owners and businesses with an affordable and convenient way to dispose of grass, leaves, tree limbs, and other forms of yard waste. All of this organic material is recycled and converted into compost and other fertilizer products. The proper disposal of yard waste helps to divert organic waste from filling our landfills.

Per Minnesota Statue 115A.931, yard waste may not be disposed of with mixed municipal solid waste (household trash). We also require all yard waste outside our approved yard waste container to be within compostable, paper lawn refuse bags. Sticks and twigs may be bundled in twine with each bundle being no longer than 3 feet in length, not exceeding 30 lbs., and containing no branches thicker than 4 inches in diameter. No other bags or materials will be accepted.


The season starts on April 10th & concludes on November 17th (weather permitting). There is a one-time seasonal fee to begin yard waste service, and unfortunately we are unable to give any refunds or prorations:

$109 includes a 96 gallon can, 64 gallon can, or bag only service with unlimited bags per week with any option.

We can provide an extra 96 gallon container for an additional $49.


You can call us by 12:00 PM the business day before your regular service to schedule a yard waste pickup rather than sign up for the weekly service (Monday customers must call by 12:00 PM on Friday). The charges will be as follows:

$2.50 per bag with $7.50 minimum charge. There are no limits to the amount of bags you may have out.

  • Additional charges may apply or items may not be picked up if anything but approved biodegradable paper bags or approved GarbageMan containers are used