GarbageMan Governance

Andrew Sorensen (President & Chief Executive Officer)

Andrew Sorensen has been our President and CEO since our formation in 2008. As a founding member and a past owner of other highly successful businesses, his entrepreneurial insight and deep experience continue to shape and direct our business.

Steve Marik (Vice President of Sales)

Steve Marik has been our Vice President of Sales since our formation. Previously, Mr. Marik was a Regional Sales Manager for a national transportation company and was ranked among the top sales producers in the nation. As a founding member of GarbageMan, his current role in our company is franchise sales and overseeing our world-class route-building sales team.

Jason Hartman (Franchise Development & Relations)

A founding member of GarbageMan, Jason Hartman was instrumental in the training and operational development of the company. Mr. Hartman is primarily responsible for the Franchise protocol that connects the corporate office and call center with the drivers and franchise owners. As a small business owner himself, he has a intimate knowledge of the challenges and rewards of small business ownership.

James Marik (Director of Corporate Operations)

As a founding member of GarbageMan, James Marik is responsible for internal service quality control through proper training, logistics, personnel management, and overseeing day-to-day operational franchise needs. In the past, he has served in many other managerial capacities including a national moving company.

Jonathon Huber (Director of Field Operations)

Jonathon Huber's extensive knowledge of field operations comes from experience – not only as an employee of other garbage companies, but also from his own fleet of trucks. A founding member, he currently trains and assists new franchise drivers in the field and also contributes significantly to truck design, specification an state of the art routing software.