GarbageMan, A Green Company started operations with one small truck during the spring of 2008 in Maple Grove, MN. Perfecting and streamlining the operation since our inception, this franchise concept offers a greener and more customer focused alternative to the waste industry giants commonly found in virtually every city in the nation. As of June 2015, GarbageMan's family has grown to more than 70,000 customers in three states with goals to open franchises across the United States.

Customers love our service

jimtruckThe business model is based on utilizing environmentally friendly business practices and providing exceptional service to the customers. People have grown tired of the poor service that is far too common in the trash hauling industry. GarbageMan's routes are independently owned and operated and the drivers are trained in sales and customer service. As a result the drivers are friendly, enthusiastic, and concerned with customer satisfaction.

Our green initiatives will vary from market to market, but we do business with the goal of doing our part to protect the environment in the communities we serve. There is a great need in the trash hauling industry to provide a more environmentally friendly service and GarbageMan is positioned well to lead in this change.

Get in on the ground floor

GarbageMan currently has franchise opportunities available throughout the United States. If you are looking to add a profitable division to your existing business or if you would like to join our industry full time, then please submit the Franchise Request Form and a Confidentiality Agreement found at the top of this page for more information. A signed Confidentiality Agreement can be faxed to (763) 269-8183.