The Problem of e-waste

Discarded computers and other consumer electronics (called "e-waste") are the fastest growing portion of our waste stream. There are hundreds of millions of old computers, electronics and TV's that are no longer being used and are ready for disposal. But these products are full of toxic materials, like lead, mercury, beryllium, and other chemicals which are extremely dangerous to humans and harmful to the environment. We need to keep them out of our landfills or incinerators to keep these harmful chemicals from leaching into our groundwater or polluting our air. GarbageMan, A Green Company is committed to seeing e-waste recycled.

GarbageMan Solutions to E-Waste:

Although Garbageman, a Green Company cannot accept electronics for pickup, the most economical alternative is to utilize the Olmsted County Household Hazardous Waste Site. Please see their website for further details.

For more information about e-waste and recycling options, also check out these excellent resources: