What It Means To Be "Green"?

Green has been used a considerable amount this past decade. The word may even begin to blur its meaning because so many people and companies use it so readily. Our best definition of green refers to the health and well-being impact something has on living organisms. By being a green company, we plan to positively affect everything living in our communities, our environment, and our planet.

GarbageMan is green because we actively affect our communities and environment by taking initiatives to reduce pollution, increase sustainability, and conserve our resources. A very immediate thing to notice about GarbageMan, is the small trucks we use. The smaller trucks not only help the environment by getting a lot better mileage and use less fuel, but some are also able to pick up recycling and trash in the same route, so we can conserve resources instead of wasting to go by in another trip. This in turn gives us cleaner air, less noise, and more efficient fuel use.

One of our goals at GarbageMan is to reduce the amount of garbage thrown away by our customers by 20% and to increase recycling by the same amount. It is a simple and measurable goal but one we feel is achievable and will do a ton for the cities we serve in.

According to the Clean Air Council, each of us generates an average of 3 pounds of garbage per day. The average number of pounds of garbage thrown away per 100,000 customers is about 110 million pounds. Reducing this by 20% results in 22 million pounds of garbage that will be diverted from landfills.

By working with our customers we can give them a report and feedback on the amount of garbage and recycling they did. While encouraging them to recycle more, we can also see the improvements over time and what kind of affect we are making on our community. We always try to help our customers make the right choice and recycle correctly.

Some people get caught up with the word green and what associates with it, but at GarbageMan, while sometimes our services may vary depending on location, our resolve to continually benefit everyone is constant. By working together, we will be able to keep improving our services and hopefully develop even more great ways to keep our planet clean. In our never ending effort to keep green, we hope that you can join our efforts and help make Earth something to be proud of!